Facebook ads with Testimonial

Problem: No Digital Presence, never explored digital.
Solution: CMS based website, landing page for each city and TESTIMONIAL

FB ads for each city (High Net Worth Individuals targeted). Result: By spending $2000, the return was $133k.

Client’s Testimonial

(One of the largest publishing houses, from the Times group, HK based):

“Quite a few things to be excited about: Our website had 11,105 visitors in August – up from the previous average of 3,000 a month! 60% visitors are now coming through the search engines – compared to only 17% in the past! Over 600 leads were collected in August. All the conversion rates are as good as, or even better than, referrals! During May to Aug, a total of 4427 units have been sold from the online leads! That’s at least USD133k in retail value!”