Channel Know How

First 12 Channel Detailing (KPI, Core Strategy And Some Tools)

Now there are different channels but it can broadly be categorized into

  • Paid, Owner or Earned (POEM) or Paid Organic & Branding.
  • Impulse vs research based channels (Some channels are good for the time or researched based decision, some are good for interrupting).

Example: A cool T-shirt like this can be targeted to the people who will celebrate their birthday in September. This is good for an interruption and impulse.

Whereas buying a car or selecting a school for your kid is a time-based decision.

Ideally, a paid channel should be sustainable or else it should trigger organic growth for sustainability. Paid channels can give you fast entry but at a higher price. With paid ads you can Pay X and Gen Y, your returns will come quickly but for organic and branding, you need to have the patience to get returns. Organic and branding can be scaled-up to much higher levels. If the margins of your offerings are high and your conversion rates are supporting good profit even after marketing cost, go ahead scale up using paid.

Also with time, one paid customer should be able to give you more organic and repeat customer.

Channel Specific KPI And Strategies:

You need strong analytics, usability, tech, and martech etc. This was just giving you an idea, you can see whether you understand these KPIs or not.

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