Structural Approach

Our Digital Marketing Offerings

Digital Marketing can be a lot of activities or it can be a set of objectives & goals, the later can make it a profit center and the former, a cost center. There is so much clutter in digital marketing that staying PURPOSEFUL seems like a solution in itself, it’s surprising but it’s a COSTLY reality. Everything is good but not purposeful or great for business objectives. Here are the broad goals for digital marketing:

  • Short term survival & goals – Leads/Sales or a campaign objectives (Cost can be high, results can be quick, if sustainable, should be continued) – Example: Paid Ads, Quick SEO etc
  • Sustainability through Organic Growth – Reduce the cost of acquisition (CPA) – Example: SEO, User to User growth through utility campaigns
  • Excellence through Brand Growth – Go premium, charge more, lower CPA.

For every phase, digital hygiene needs to be maintained, further investment is a strategic decision guided by goals.

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How we can add value

DM – A

The audit, we do a detailed audit of digital marketing strategy, channels, market availability Target Group Availability and current ROI.  An exhaustive audit framework can be found here

DM - B

Business Consulting, we do digital marketing consulting at a detailed level, which includes putting the right strategy, team mapping, dashboard creations and regular review.

DM - C

Clinics, we also do one-on-one education session for your team through digital marketing clinics

DM - D

Demystified, our flagship training sessions for business leaders and pros

DM - E

Execution, we are a full-service digital marketing agency with a strength of 750+ people, we have channel experts (horizontal team) and project execution team (vertical team), you get almost all services guided by experts under one roof. The ones we don’t execute, we find right partners for it, you still don’t have to run around to get the work done, we understand your business and coordinates with different verticals to get the work done.

DM - U

We also own (We will be launching a structured online learning platform by the end of Dec 2017

Business goals mapping

Identify Stakeholders

Define objectives & approx goals for 4 stakeholders and prepare a strategic roadmap.

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Put a Number

From objectives (without number) define goals with number & time as it would help measure outcomes.

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Get To Execution

Choose the top goals up to 3 (max 4) that needs to be achieved in the coming quarter.

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Data Driven Approach

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Markets to conquer


Gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.


Using social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service effectively.


Where you can understand your Target group based on what they read


Where you can list your product or services for commerce

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