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Kath has spent more than 13 years growing a successful digital marketing agency working with hundreds of clients to deliver results. The wealth of knowledge and experience she has attained means she understands her clients’ needs better than anyone else. As a Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant Kath is able to seamlessly integrate her hard-won, battle-tested, industry knowledge and strategic plans to ensure her clients achieve their goals.

Placed on the expert list: Top 100 UK Digital Agency Influencers

Its easy to become blind to reports that produce the same kind of data month after month, but, the insight gained from measuring the right data and reporting on it in the right manner allows a business to make improvements.

Kath is helping online businesses and digital agency owners achieve a measurable result and delight her clients by providing digital insights and actionable strategies.
Kath partners with digital agency owners and senior in-house marketing staff.
She has a unique way of working with leaders, the first step is a free call or face-to-face discussion about their business goals and current status of the business. This is a powerful opportunity to uncover issues that can affect their digital performance. Kath will give feedback during the session on WHY the business is not getting the results a client expected. After the discussion, Kath gets back to the client with a professional recommendation as to the best next steps they should take.

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